From Pentecostal to Christian Science….an Introduction

Photo by Steve and Sara Emry

It is hard for me to believe 20 years ago, I was a Holy Roller!  I went to church 3-5 times per week, directed a 100-voice youth choir, and frequently soloed in my very large church.  Even though I considered myself to be knowledgeable in “religion,” I had never even heard of Christian Science.  My introduction to Science is a rather sweet one, and I would not do my story justice if I left out the details.  I was dating a man and because we were getting “serious,” I began to wonder about his beliefs because I truly believed a marriage would be more harmonious if both went to church together.  Since he had never spoken of church or anything religious, I had pretty much convinced myself that he was an atheist and I was quite concerned about our future.  Since we worked in the same office, one day I jokingly told him the devil was going to get him — to which he replied “there’s no such thing as the devil.”  Well, that just about did it for me – poor guy not only didn’t believe in God, he didn’t believe in the devil!!  We eventually got on the subject of religion and he told me he had been raised as a Christian Scientist and that he had been the Reader for his college org and conducted the Sunday morning Christian Science services at his college.  Baffled again!  Not only was my future husband not an atheist, he was a preacher!  Next, I pulled out the yellow pages and looked up Christian Science in the church section.  There, I found a number for something called a Christian Science Reading Room.  A loving librarian listened to my story and tried to answer all my questions.  Just speaking to this woman stirred up a feeling from within and I could not wait to read the books she offered to send me.  I must admit, this literature was hard to understand but I knew there was something to this Science, and I longed for a deeper understanding.  About one week later, I found a book on my desk: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  Little did I know, at that moment, that this book was to change my life forever.  I took it home that night and began to read.  I couldn’t lay it down!  I read it through once, then again, and started again.  One day, after the first reading, I was faced with the pain of a migraine headache, which I had suffered with since a teenager.  I remember praying to God and saying to myself, “well if what I have read is really real, I’ll be healed, now.”  And, I was, instantly.  Not only from migraines, but, from several other conditions that I took daily medication for.  After continued prayer and working with a Christian Science Practitioner, I threw out all my medicine and have never needed it since.  Now, let me expand a bit here…I was a young woman, yet I had been prescribed medicines that supposedly I would need for the rest of my life.  I understood that my family might be concerned that I stopped taking the medicines, so about 3 months later, I had a doctor visit that included taking blood and doing a test at the local hospital.  Afterwards, I received a call from the doctor saying that everything looked great and that, in fact, the tests showed that these conditions were gone.  However, he advised that I should keep taking the meds as prescribed, since they were obviously responsible for my complete physical turnaround.  I thanked him and even though the Christian Science church does not prohibit its members from seeing doctors, I have never seen him since.  Free!!  I was free!  I am still free!     PART 2 to this story will be posted Tuesday, 18, 2011.

About Debra Chew

Debra is the legislative and media contact for Christian Science in Tennessee. She is also a Christian Science Practitioner.
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