Capitol Hill Day


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My first two years of work as the Committee on Publication for Tennessee allowed me to experience never-before-seen-or-heard-of heath care reform laws passed.  By 2014, the law requires that all Americans (with the exception of a couple of exempted groups) purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty.  (Remember, if you are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, you also are exempt from purchasing additional health insurance.) 

You might be saying to yourself, as you read the above paragraph:  “What else is there?”  And, since I am a Christian Scientist who relies on spiritual care for my health, I can speak about that.  Christian Science Practitioners provide loving spiritual support and prayer to those seeing a non-medical approach to healthcare.  Christian Science nurses provide non-medical nursing assistance to those needing it.  There are Christian Science facilities all over the world that provide non-medical care to those wishing to follow effective and reliable spiritual care.  In these facilities the Practitioners and nurses work together with the patient in prayerful support for their quick healing.

In the federal law, much progress was made that will indeed help the (medically) underinsured in the future.  It might even save money in the long run.  Like I described above, many people rely on effective spiritual, non-medical health care services for their health.  And most times, spiritual care is less costly.  Actually, one point strongly made during the health care debates was that a person could indeed keep their current system of health care if they liked it and if it worked for them.  So far, that does not apply to spiritual care because that was not provided for in the law.  Wouldn’t that be great if that part could be changed to allow the public to have choices in their healthcare decisions??  

Capitol Hill Day 2011 was on March 9th and what a wonderful experience that was!  I attended with colleagues and friends from many states.  We had very informative and helpful meetings with our lawmakers.  Health care reform is still being strongly debated on both the federal and state level.  I am going to keep talking about spiritual care to my Congressmen and Congresswomen, too.

About Debra Chew

Debra is the legislative and media contact for Christian Science in Tennessee. She is also a Christian Science Practitioner.
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