He Is Risen!!

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I hope some of you are wondering where I have been for the past couple of weeks. Well, I have been on the road….correcting the misconceptions about Christian Science out there in the world. One of my favorite misconceptions to correct is that Christian Science does not believe in Jesus. Au contraire, dear Reader. And, I would like to take this Good Friday to blog about Jesus and his resurrection from the grave.

Easter means different things to different people. Some concentrate on the crucifixion while others focus on the resurrection. Christians believe that Christ Jesus’ resurrection proved eternal life. To some, though, this time is marked by the sadness of the last supper and betrayal by one disciple and denial by another, desertion by all, the cross, and finally the tomb. The crucifixion was the result of the world thought at the time of Jesus. The world was not ready for the spiritual blessings Jesus could contribute to mankind and they crucified him. While his crucifixion was terribly painful and humiliating, the resurrection has a glorious meaning. Jesus was able to trust in God’s loving care and was able to overcome this terrible evil.

The dictionary says resurrection means: the act of rising from the dead. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page 593, the definition of resurrection is: Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immorality, or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”
This resurrection of your thought requires daily prayerful effort to understand God as the one Life of man. So, this Easter, let’s daily aspire to replace sadness with joy, death with Life, and suffering with overcoming. He is risen! Be resurrected from all your trials and tribulations that seem to be going on in your life. Rise above depression and sadness. As you are resurrecting your thought, you will see more evidence of harmony and health. Gain the true concept of the Easter message. Be receptive to the great possibilities of resurrection by spiritualizing your thought and let your material beliefs yield to a greater spiritual understanding of Life.

About Debra Chew

Debra is the legislative and media contact for Christian Science in Tennessee. She is also a Christian Science Practitioner.
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