Irritation – Emotional and Physical (Guest Post by John London)

Irritation—Emotional and Physical

I’ve been dealing with a situation that has been very irritating to me. I recently spent a whole day upset about it. My practitioner even told me that I needed to deal with the feelings or they would come out in a physical form. The next morning I awoke with a very scratchy and inflamed sore right behind my knee. I’ve had these before and they’ve lasted and lasted causing me no end of grief. I’d even begun to think of myself as the Bible character Job because of the sores that plagued his body.

As I contemplated the sensations in my leg I realized that it felt exactly like the emotions I’d had the day before but in a physical form instead of an emotional one. As soon as I realized that, the sensation began to recede and within an hour or so it was completely gone. That showed me in a dramatic fashion how my physical wellbeing is tied to my emotions. If I’m going to be emotionally indulgent, I should expect to have a bodily manifestation—something I definitely don’t want!


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